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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Tina Burris

Tina Burris Hello! Thank you for visiting me. I paint tropical, nautical, and coastal themes, because that is what I enjoy most! Being born and raised in central Florida, and having always lived near or on water, my fondness for all things tropical, nautical, and coastal, for me anyway, is just an easy choice. I have enjoyed many places such as Key West, Miami Beach, the Bahamas, and places in my own backyard such as Honeymoon Island, Crystal River Springs, Weeki Wachee, and a huge favorite, Tarpon Springs, specifically the Sponge Docks. And those caves in the springs where the spring water comes rushing out of were such an eerily wonderful fascination for me as a child. I would go as close to one of the caves as possible with my mask on and just force myself not to be pushed away by the pressure of the water while letting my imagination run wild thinking that at any moment some enormous monstrous fish was going to come jumping out at me. My husband and I have enjoyed going out on our flat boat on occasion, even one time actually spotting the elusive ghost orchid going down Brooker Creek off of Lake Tarpon. Nope, I did not have a camera with me. Shaking head. Growing up, I lived in Land O Lakes and spent a good number of weekends with my parents water skiing. I enjoyed being up on the water but I cannot say that I ever enjoyed falling and just dangling there in the vast wet darkness. I have always had a slight fear of what I cannot see beneath me. I think that there is a scientific name for that. But that eeriness and awesomeness is actually just one of the many things that I love and that fascinates me about the deep blue sea. This fascination probably started with my Uncle Kenneth, who was a fisherman by trade in Ft Myers. He always had fish stories to keep us children aww struck, like the one story I remember most in which he describes an enormous Manta-ray that was so huge he could see it under his fishing boat and on either side. I miss him and his fishing stories. Also, being of the Christian Faith, there are of course many fishing stories and stories of being on the water that I also draw from. An actual dream of mine has been to live aboard a catamaran with my husband, which may never happen, but it IS fun to dream about such things. My husband has a lot of experience being on and in the water, and he has a great amount of fishing experience, so I know I would be in good hands should this one dream ever come true. And yes, indeed, do I love all things that have to do with Old Florida, the way things used to be. Vintage Florida postcards can definitely be found in my home! I have a history here and I long for those simpler times. My Grandfather was a carpenter and he helped build the Floridian Hotel in Downtown Tampa. I remember when Lowry Park Zoo was much smaller and when Busch Gardens still had the brewery open, which my Dad worked at for a brief stent when he was very young. And I remember when orange groves were everywhere, which sadly, it seems they just recently have all started to disappear. Many people I speak to do not even know about the citrus greening that has been devastating our orange groves, and until recently, there was no hope in site for a cure, until just recently when I found this article: It appears a scientist has discovered a peptide that might be the answer. Praise God! We are known for our beaches, our sunshine, and our oranges.

As far as inspiration coming from the art world, I have always been a fan of vintage Asian tropical landscape paintings, and I very much enjoy gazing upon the paintings of the Florida Highwaymen. I also find it fun to paint tropical and Florida Kitsch, such as anything to do with vintage Hawaiian and Florida Tourism, for example, sometimes for complete joy and nostalgia, and sometimes as a reminder of our ignorance in trying to capture and train dolphins! I also enjoy, from time to time, utilizing various digital platforms and programs to put a digital spin on some of my paintings, and I will put in my descriptions which ones are all acrylic and which ones are acrylic that have been digitized. And I also enjoy painting some themes knowing that they could possibly find themselves hanging in a baby's room one day or some place where children might enjoy them. I tried to leave Florida for good once about 18 years ago to start up a band with an old friend of mine in West Virginia, but met my soon-to-be husband and here I still am. I do not regret one bit of it. Praise God for keeping me in this beautiful state. And you can usually find me listening to either Martin Denny or vintage Hawaiian Music, such as Andy Cummings and his Hawaiian Serenaders, when I am painting.

Thank you again for stopping by! Please have a blessed, beautiful day!